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Extraordinarily Unique Stays

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the brick and mortar hotel chains, but sometimes getting away from the ordinary will help you to experience something truly extraordinary and one of a kind. Here's just a few of the unique stays we have come across in our years that we can book and why they stood out to us:

The Frank Lloyd Wright designed Cornwell House, Big Island, Hawaii

Completed in 1995 (posthumously), the design is reminiscent of the 1960's "mod" craze and looks like it could have been featured on Mad Men. Architecture buffs aside, Frank Lloyd Wright is quite possibly the most famous architect in the USA. The original design was created for the Cornwell family of Pennsylvania in 1954, but it took four decades for the unbuilt plans to come to fruition with the help of the Frank Lloyd Wright trust. Now boasting the title of the only FLW home in Hawaii, it is available for rent. The 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house comes complete with an outdoor lava-rock hot tub and spectacular views of the mountains.

Market House Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel

Our very own John has just come back from his Levant adventure and has raved about this hotel directly in the middle of Jaffa in Tel Aviv, and we can see why. Literally built on top of the ruins of a Byzantine chapel, they have devised a unique solution to keep the history alive: glass floor tiles looking into the ruins. The small, boutique hotel even offers rooms with terraces and views over the city.

Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Don't. Look. Down. Or at least if you do, take lots of pictures. A hotel in a literal crane above the harbour, there's only 3 suites to choose from so it is often booked out and with good reason why. Each suite is 2 floors and features all the amenities alongside the unsurpassed views.

Castle Hotel & Spa, Tarrytown, New York

Much like New Zealand, the USA isn't exactly synonymous with castles, but yet you can stay in one just outside of New York City in Tarrytown. In its 122-year history, the castle has been used as a family home, a school, and even an observation post during World War II before being turned into a luxury hotel. Deemed a historic site by the city in 1981, this prevents any changes to the outside of the castle but 2013 saw a refurbishment on the inside with the most exciting addition being a state-of-the-art spa. Partnered with Small Luxury Hotels of the world, it's a great option when you don't want to stay in the middle of the city.

Jade Mountain Resort, St Lucia

This small Caribbean island is often overlooked, especially by non-American travellers. The island is pure majesty ranging from lush green mountains to pristine beaches. With an architectural nod to the elements, the design mimics nature even down to the infinity pools that overlook the ocean.

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

Leave your iPad, iPhone, iWatch, Macbook, and Kindle at home because you won't be charging them in your room; go back to the basics in Sweden's wilderness and experience life without electricity. Located about 2.5 hours from Stockholm, these charcoal huts promise a break away from the modern with inflatable mattresses and sheepskin to lay on. It won't be luxury, but it will definitely be a unique experience.

Raas Hotel, Jodhpur, India

If you were to picture modern architecture meeting ancient architecture in India, this would be it. It's a near perfect blend of both with four original buildings and three contemporary structures adorned with intricate carvings, it's one of Barbro's favourites. There's a chance this hotel may sound familiar if you've taken our trivia quiz.

Pōhue PurePod , Port Levy, New Zealand

We couldn't have a post with unique stays all over the world without having one in our own backyard. Located an hour's drive from Christchurch on the Banks Peninsula, this pod offer a secluded paradise complete with deck chairs, a telescope, barbecue, games and a comfy bed. There's 5 more pods located across Canterbury, so this one isn't your only option. Enjoy everything while doing nothing.

We strive to find the best ways to immerse our clients in their surroundings and help them to create memorable holidays. These are just a few of the favourites that we have come across, we have a literal index of places all over the world that we can turn to. Let us know where you want to go and we will find something for you!

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